Delivering the Connected Future. Today.

CoreSpeed understands the pressure that is increasingly being placed on organisations to harness the power of high speed connectivity. That’s why we do things a little differently!
Based in the West Midlands, CoreSpeed delivers a suite of end-to-end connectivity solutions, based around our own independent, high speed network, enabling communities and businesses to thrive.

Social Landlords

We are committed to providing high speed internet to social tenants in partnership with social landlords.
Find out more about our infrastructure proposal for social landlords here.

Business Connectivity

CoreSpeed delivers affordable, high speed connectivity to businesses as well as a helping you to grow with our portfolio of value added services.

Managed Services

Do you run a hotel, marina, or holiday park? Maybe you manage student accommodation or run an event space! Do you own a café or a bar? – If so, you'll know the demands for connectivity from your visitors has never been higher.
Use CoreSpeed's solutions to provide Guest Wi-FI, better understand your customers and monetise the experience.

Our Capabilities

High Speed Broadband

CoreSpeed’s technological bedrock is its fibre-optic network that is continually expanding throughout the West Midlands. CoreSpeed believes that this infrastructure is key to delivering the connected future, and is therefore developing it with private funding. Today, it is capable of providing up to 1 Gigabit per second bandwidth.

CoreSpeed™ Fibre Thru the Air™

CoreSpeed understands that the process of installing fibre-optic cable can be overly burdensome on companies, not to mention expensive. That’s why we use the very latest wireless technologies to deliver fibre speeds through the air.

This service is most commonly used as a primary form of connectivity for a business. Increasingly however, many organisations choose to use us for their backup service. This allows increased resilience as our local network is completely independent of traditional telecoms networks, therefore it is less affected by outages.

VOIP Telephony

For communities, this can mean the removal of line rental fees, while for businesses VOiP provides flexibility, allowing you to answer office calls from anywhere and easily and can also enable advanced features such as video conferencing though an integrated service.

Managed WiFi

CoreSpeed’s engineering team has implemented managed wifi technology for public locations such as convention centres and open spaces. CoreSpeed ensures uptime and performance of the system, and can help you monetise the platform.

What is The Connected Future?

The connected future is the promise that ubiquitous high speed internet is available everywhere and to everyone.
We are doing our bit to help deliver on that promise today.

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