CoreSpeed was founded based on two failings of the telecoms industry:

  1. We believe the rollout of super-fast broadband has been inefficient and atomistic.
  2. We believe, those who have gained access to such connectivity have not been given the tools to exploit its potential, be they a housing provider, home or business.

The dilapidated model of faceless, seemingly unaccountable connectivity providers has led to a missed opportunity to not only provide connectivity where it us currently unavailable but also participate in the communities that can flourish as a result of it.

CoreSpeed is based in the West Midlands and is committed to serving its residents and businesses, helping them grow and get the most out of the connected future.

Our offerings start with base connectivity, and end with the ways you can then use this to deliver great experiences and become more efficient.

CoreSpeed recognises the varying needs of organisations and offers bespoke solutions where necessary, drawing upon decades of networking and connectivity implementation experience.