Social Landlords

We are committed to providing high speed internet in partnership with social landlords. We work closely with our partners to provide not only the infrastructure but the supporting over the top services and community building tools.


CoreSpeed recognise the serious threat that cuts in Government funding, Welfare Reform and the Digital Inclusion agenda pose to social landlords. We also recognise the importance of people being online and the benefit it can have to their lives.

The Government’s Digital Inclusion agenda believes that a family has the potential to save over £560 per year, just by being online. Citizens can save money on energy costs and reduce their consumption by switching suppliers and by more intelligent monitoring of energy use and studies have shown that people accessing the internet are more likely to do better at school, increase their grades and ultimately make a bigger contribution to the economy.

If we look to the future, we know that Telecare and Telehealth will become increasingly important in society. Enabling improved self-care is key to delivering a more sustainable whole health and care system and importantly, high speed connectivity will be the critical enabler to allow that to happen.

The benefits to a landlord could of course be significant too. With more homes online, it will support the channel shift agenda; open up new, low cost engagement routes to tenants, potentially leading to a reduction in rent arrears.

CoreSpeed believes that Fibre to the Home is the future of connectivity and that’s why we’re building a brand new, 100% privately funded fibre network in areas with high levels of social housing.